Top 3 Gaming Monitors Which You Can Buy On A Budget

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Are you looking for superior gaming hardware? Are you looking for a gaming monitor that can add a zing to your gaming skills? If yes, you should definitely opt for a gaming monitor. Many people are not aware that there are specific monitors which are more suitable for gaming as compared to the normal ones. If you’re passionate about gaming, it is worth your while to opt for a gaming monitor rather than a normal one. If you’re worried that you would have to shell out a lot of money, today we would solve this problem for you by sharing with you the top 3 cheap gaming monitor options which you can choose from.

Some of the advantages of gaming monitors compared to normal monitors are:

• Higher refresh rate
• Higher screen resolution
• No flickering or tearing
• Different video input options

As you can see, all of these features are catered towards the gaming audience.

We would now go into the details of top 3 cheap gaming monitor options so that you can pick the best one for yourself.

ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Monitor

With gaming monitors, bigger is always better. The ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor will not disappoint you. There are quite a few other features of this monitor as well, which makes it much better as compared to the piers. Some of these features include:

Faster response

Whether you’re using the HDMI port or any other input mechanism, the response time is less than 1ms. This ensures that even in faster games, you would not suffer from any kind of lag.

Asus eye care technology

Asus has incorporated its eye care technology in this monitor. This ensures that the monitor is entirely flicker free. In addition to that, there is also a filter for blue light which ensures that you are able to reduce the stress on your eyes even when you are playing for long hours.

Customizable positions

You can easily change the height as well as tilt and the pivot point of the monitor owing to its ergonomic design. This ensures that you can keep it on any kind of desk without any problems.

Fast refresh

The monitor comes with 75 Hz refresh rate using the data synchronization technology. This ensures that you would be able to play in real time without any tearing.

As you can see from the features, this monitor is pretty advanced as compared to the other gaming monitors. Owing to this very reason, it has cemented its reputation as a budget gaming monitor.


• Fast response
• Eye care technology
• Adjustable positions
• Fast refresh rate
• Available in 27-inch variant as well


• Nil

BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch Full HD Monitor

When it comes to gaming monitors the better optimized the display modes, the easier it would be for you to use the gaming monitor with your favorite settings. With this particular monitor, you have 3 different display modes to choose from which makes it easier for you to customize the display according to your preferences. In addition to the display modes, there are quite a few other features of this affordable gaming monitor as well which we would highlight below.

Rapid response

This gaming monitor has a response time of just 1ms. This ensures that whichever type of input you use, you would be able to play without any ghosting. This also makes it much more suitable for console-based gaming as well.

Color enhancing capability

This monitor is incorporated with BenQ’s Zowie exclusive enhancer and equalizer. This ensures that the visibility is increased even in games with the darker backgrounds. Thus, irrespective of the type of game which you are playing or the digital background of the game, you would be able to get full clarity.

3 different display modes

As we stated above, this monitor comes with 3 different display modes which are RTS, FPS and the fighting game modes. You can easily change the screen sizes in each of these modes as well. This would, in turn, make it easier for you to adjust the screen size according to your preferences.

High-quality display

The display is not just HD but the frame is created in such a way that it reduces any kind of reflection or the glare on the screen. The monitor consists of a slip resistant base which ensures that even when you’re using the monitor in a fully tilted position; it would stay in its place.

Built in speakers

The monitor has built-in speakers which ensure that even if you’re not having external speakers, you would be able to play your favorite game quite easily.

Owing to the different display modes which help you in playing the games with your preferred settings, this cheap gaming monitor is one of the best options for you.


• Built-in speakers
• 3 different display modes
• Slip resistant base
• Multiple connectivity options
• Color enhancer
• Fast response rate


• Quality of speakers is not good
• Customer service of the company is not good enough

Acer GN246HL Bbid 24-Inch 3D Gaming Display

If you’re looking for an even higher refresh rate as compared to the above gaming monitor options, this monitor is the perfect option for you with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. In addition to that, there are quite a few other features of this monitor as well which we would discuss below.

Fast response time

The response time of just 1ms or less than 1ms ensures that you are able to play the games in real time.

Different input options

The monitor comes with a VGA as well as DVI and HDMI input options. This ensures that you are able to connect various devices to the monitor quite easily.

NVidia light boosting

The monitor comes with the NVidia 3d light boost technology. This technology ensures that even the darker backgrounds are pretty clear enough on the monitor.

Thus, the faster response time coupled with the different input options makes this monitor a good choice when it comes to gaming monitors.


• Different input options
• NVidia 3-D light boost
• Fast response time
• Brilliant image quality


• Monitor suffers from ghosting
• Backlight is a little bright

So, if you’re looking for a cheap gaming monitor, it is better to choose between these 3 options as they provide you with the best value for money deals in addition to some high-end specifications which make your gaming experience much more superior as compared to the ordinary monitors. Don’t just take out word for it, you can read more reviews on these monitors over at: With these gaming monitors, you can be sure that your gaming skills would receive an added boost due to the superior display of these monitors.

Bluehost or Siteground – which is the better web host?

SiteGround and Bluehost, two fierce rivals in the hosting space both offer services for WordPress hosting, VPS dedicated server and shared hosting. Both provide users with complete hosting basics to get started.

When it comes to Siteground hosting vs. Bluehost, each company has its strengths and weaknesses, but which is better than the other? Meanwhile, the following are the points of comparing the two providers and how they fare accordingly:


bluehost and siteground review


When it comes to hosting fees, SiteGround is the perfect balance of superb customer support and tech innovation, with affordable hosting services. It offers free site transfer, domain name and email accounts, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, unlimited traffic, 24/7 support, 30-day money back guarantee, 10 to 30GB of disk space and a lot more.

Meanwhile, Bluehost has a solid reputation as an affordable host, offering low cost plus great shared hosting services that make it a value deal. It offers free Weebly templates and site builder, CloudFlare CND, 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited disk space and a free domain name for a year. It is endorsed by the team. Bluehost wins this category.


SiteGround operates in four data centers – two in the US, one in Europe and the other in Asia. It uses Supercache program to maximize speed performance. Actual tests found the host to have a great performance. Meanwhile, Bluehost test results showed their servers were slow. Hence, SiteGround hosting is better in speed vs. Bluehost.

Dedicated hosting

When it comes to unlimited server resources, SiteGround’s dedicated hosting features multi-data centers. The package includes WHM and SSH access, 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring, private DNS server setup, Softaculous auto installer,  five free IPs, PostgreSQL, MySQL 5 as well as free domain.

The OpenStack technology-built provider Bluehost has flexible options at a reasonable price. It includes a minimum of three IP addresses for a plan, 24/7 expedited support, 1TB disk space, free domain name for a year and a lot more. In the Siteground hosting vs. Bluehost, both firms fare equally. See for a more detailed review.

VPS hosting

SiteGround is doing a bit differently with VPS hosting. It has its own fully-managed cloud hosting which is ultra-fast and scalable. It also comes with daily backups, free Cloudflare CND, 3 data centers, Git integration, SuperCacher, fast install for CMSs, SSH access, free domain name, iptables firewall, dedicated IP and a lot more.

Bluehost brings much value to VPS plans with competitive price, premium support, and excellent uptime. It also includes seamless migration from shared plans, 2 to 4 cores and 4 to 16GB RAM. It wins this category. Visit for a more detailed review.

WordPress hosting

SiteGround has anticipated everything one would need to start running a WordPress site. Those who have knowledge working one for his or her own website can go for SiteGround’s friendly priced and reliable hosting.

Bluehost is regarded as customer’s favorite when it comes to WP hosting. Those who have little experience to run a website and need someone running through it can rely on the provider. However, they may need to pay more especially if they do not have the patience and time to learn by themselves. Here, SiteGround hosting vs. Bluehost has the former as the winner.


SiteGround and Bluehost are both great. The former has incredible reliability and has invested big time in building customer support. Bluehost is the leader in shared hosting, backed by WordPress’ endorsement. With actual tests, SiteGround won in the overall comparison.